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G.Baker FD TECH hdedit
Tue May 24 16:30:32 BST 2005


I remember when you had to be an assistant prior to
taking the chair. Isn't that called paying your dues?
Maybe that is whats wrong in the industry today...

Young ones that are stating want to take a weekend
class and then call themselves a Colorist or Editor!!

Gosh just a few years ago... ok well maybe 10 or so,
you went through the chain of organization. Lets see
Vault, QC, Tape Op, Assistant then you got to sit in
the chair and be creative the previous experience you
received in the chain made you better. I guess now
adays everyone is just a genius and deserves to just
become a colorist. I know all the background I
received as an assistant made me better at my chosen
field. Now the ungrateful folks that are coming up
feel it is degrading!!! For me IMHO!! it was an honor.
It meant I spent years learning a craft and was close
to achieving it!

Now I am hearing that everyone is a "Coloirst"! 

Ya I know guys, your job is being taken over buy:
Video Control Operators from HD production trucks for
Sporting events (Just found this one out)
Anyone who takes an AVID Class for a weekend.

Maybe everyone should start the apprenticeship program
again! Hey what a great Union hu? Getting
apprenticeships and Internships going shouldn't be
that hard. It is what our industry was founded on.
Have we all forgotten our history?

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