[Tig] assistants

matthieu dubail matthieu_dubail
Tue May 24 23:14:38 BST 2005

> If you do all of the above and you are not doing
> some color work in three
> years, switch employers, revaluate your talent or
> take a personality test.

Like I said, managers ain't no gardeners. They're not
waiting for there employees to grow in the hierarchy
but they try to maintain a solid workflow. A good
employee is an employee at his right place. If so, the
facility would be hell to organize constantly : each
employees asking to get a higher and better work each
three years... The're only one president position.
Letting the assistant becoming a colorist when a
position is available (kind of rare situation now)
would solve the problem but create one (harder)
another : find a new skilled assistant. By trusting
you, a skilled assistant would probably graduate
colorist in three years ( ok, let say 5) : that pretty
short in a working lifetime. So there's far fewer
skilled assistant in the market than skilled colorist.
Any manager would preferably get a skilled colorist
(with new clients contacts) if a position is available
rather than "upgrading" his assistant.
That why I always found back my demo reels in the
"erasing room".


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