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matthieu dubail matthieu_dubail
Wed May 25 01:13:15 BST 2005

> Well Mat, 
> It appears you have all the answers. It appears that
> maybe the work attitude needs to be worked on.

The assistant work also consist in answering all the
clients and colorists questions.

> One thing I can guarantee you is in this
> industry you get out of it what you put in to it.

I clearly have to disagree with this statement, at
least here, in france. Please refer to my other posts
on hierarchy and manager job.

> This is the entertainment industry. Yes long hard
> hours are a must and most here didn't start out
> making
> over $100K a year.  

Sure, but all senior colorist I know started as cheap
paid colorist, not cheap paid assistant.

> Most have practical experience from this industry. I
> have to completely disagree with you on the
> statement
> that most just came from University and became
> senior
> colorist.

You disagree because you might not have read carfully.
I was talking about assistants who are now asked to
come from university for a croissant bringer work.
That's why they might sometimes looks ungrateful. This
statement does not only refers to audio visual
industry  but at a global situation now.

> If the opportunity to
> understand the creativity means
> you have to get Coffey or croissants than do it.

Once again, the only way to understand creativity is
by doing something creative, which assistant is not.
It's rather frustating. I never felt farer of the job
than being an assistant.
I maybe should have notice that I was assistant for
free-lance colorist (here doing all advertising jobs)
so none of them had the goal to bring me to an higher
point (being not clearly related to them).

> You are lucky to be able to be an assistant. I've
> seen
> many posts here on the TIG from people requesting to
> become an assistant to learn to grade.

I spent two years and numerous trainee positions
before getting the job. It was two much paid for it.

> Well I'm sure that most know of someone who would
> have
> benefited being an assistant first. There are
> several
> out there that are no longer colorists, because they
> did not have the understanding or the eye.

So beeing assistant was a clear waist of time for
them. I they started to grade faster, they would have
understand sooner.

Look, I clearly understand your points. Maybe you were
a lucky person, at the right place, in the right time.
You met the people that allowed you to get your first
jobs as a colorist. But this was clearly before the
2000's years. Now, with the crisis, I also know past
senior free-lance colorist doing one-light jobs. How
the hell an assistant is supposed to evoluate since
you can get, for approximatly the same price, an
highly skilled colorist.

The other question of this post was : is an assistant
usefull ? Having been an assistant for two years and a
half now, I can say that he is not since most of the
time I had nothing to do.

> In this
> case, maybe the relationships you build as an
> assistant will help you in a different field.

Common ... the only thing you were able to show your
clients is that you can "make coffee" and "plan lunch
break". What sort of job could you ask him for ?

> I can go on and on for this statement. Mat, if you
> feel the people you work with are ungrateful for
> your
> talents and work you offer, maybe you should seek
> employment elsewhere.

I am.

> Remember, when ever you
> are in a facility of QUALITY the higher up the
> person
> is in the chain, the nicer they are.

Being good and nice is not the only way to evolute in
a hierarchy. Others consist in sleeping with your
manager or being from his family. This most of the
time doesn't deal with nice people.

> Besides out
> here
> most of the Assistants I know make pretty good money
> and are not cheaply paid.

Here you don't have a chance to work if you're asking
for more than the minimum rate (clients sometimes want
to pay less).

> Actually no it does not refer to your English, it
> was
> a Typo and Since I have Family in France, "Oui je
> parle le Fran?ais. Peut-?tre mon Fran?ais dans
> am?liore alors votre Anglais"

Oops, sorry. Beeing french, I'm not really aware of
french like Typo. In france, colorist is called
"etalonneur" (etalonnor) but some are willing to be
called "coloriste" (from english) as well because they
fell like it's a more honorific name. Rather pathetic,

>"Oui je
> parle le Fran?ais. Peut-?tre mon Fran?ais dans
> am?liore alors votre Anglais"

So sorry, but this doesn't mean a thing.


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