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Mattheiu, isn't there a "Starbucks" or something in your country where you can get a job and just be grumpy to everyone?

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Thanks to Teresa Firlit for supporting the TIG in 2005
> Hello all,
> How do you learn the craft, if not through having a
> mentor and "learning to 
> see", by assisting an experienced colourist?

By going to museum and reading art and photography
books. I learn far more on colors by going to a
stephen shore or francis ( not kevin :) ) bacon
exhibition than in doing colorist assistant job during
ten advertising sessions.

> Its not just doing what you are told, or
> doing the procedure, but 
> learning problem solving skills (who hasn't had
> machine or software issues in 
> the middle of the night when noone is around to
> help?)

No senior colorist I knew could solve technical
problems themselves, that the reason why they were
asking for an assistant.

> learning tried to tested techniques from
> someone that has been 
> doing it for a lot longer than yourself

Best would be to test techniques yourself and anyway,
client sessions ain't no right place to show
techniques to assistant.
> If I was a high paying client, I wouldn't want
> someone learning to grade on the 
> final grade of my jobs.

Who spoked about final grade ?
So when the hell is an assistant supposed to learn
color grading ?


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