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Adrian Thomas adrian
Wed May 25 11:11:12 BST 2005

On 24 May 2005, at 16:30, G.Baker FD TECH wrote:

> Maybe everyone should start the apprenticeship program
> again! Hey what a great Union hu? Getting
> apprenticeships and Internships going shouldn't be
> that hard. It is what our industry was founded on.
> Have we all forgotten our history?

The clients forgot first.

IMO, 'paying your dues' is an exercise in frustration and wasted  
talent. I've seen many people enter post production at the bottom  
(nearly all graduates) only to be promoted to some job that they  
never wanted to do - they'll take the (bookings or whatever) job  
after three years of poverty as their non-post graduate friends are  
earning 3 or 4 times what they are. It's depressing, frankly. Some of  
the most talented people I've met in TV have left due to this crappy  
career progression.

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