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matthieu dubail matthieu_dubail
Wed May 25 15:26:22 BST 2005

>      I started off as a cheap paid assistant.   Know
> what it got me 
> right off the bat?  Access to the suite when the
> clients were done.  I'd 
> put up any film I could find in the house and play
> with it as much as I 
> could.  The senior colorist gave me a lot of help at
> that stage.
>      If I had an attitude like yours I doubt I'd be
> a colorist today.
> There aren't that many positions open.  Nothing of
> any real value comes 
> without effort.  It took me almost three years to
> move from assistant to 
> senior colorist.  At first I couldn't even attend
> sessions, I just 
> stayed in the machine room to lace the machine. 
> Eventually, after 
> demonstrating staying power and determination, I was
> allowed to work on 
> unsupervised transfers.  Once they got comfortable
> with me doing that, I 
> didn't rest on my laurels; I kept going into the
> suite after hours and 
> practicing.  I read books on color theory and
> photography.  I was always 
> on time.  I cared, and I knew if I didn't have a
> good work ethic, I 
> would never get anywhere in this job.

An attitude like mine ???!!!??? What the hell do you
know about my working time attitude ?
Since after quitting, am still asked by free lance
colorists and called by ex-employers, I do think I had
a good attitude.
All along your post, you keep arguing "I'm older than
you are : I know, you don't, so shut up.". But that's
complete bullshit. You defenetly started in other
times. We're speaking about the assistant
valuabilities NOWADAYS which is was completly
different situation. I wish I had started working at
least five years before. Things were completely
different, before crisis.
Let me tell you why I and others were employed. My
facility didn't want anymore to have a higly paid
advertising senior colorist so they took me to keep
the market by calling free-lance colorist. Complete
dead end. Many facilities are working like that too,
at least here.

>      You can't expect the world to be handed to you
> on a silver 
> platter.

I don't, just trying to explain that NOWADAYS, beeing
an assistant may not be the smartest way to reach a

> You have to put something into it to get
> something back.  If 
> you feel your facility is not being fair to you, I
> would suggest you 
> re-examine your attitude.

What about yours ? Do you really think you contribute
to evolute this post by telling me : "you're wrong,
final point." ? You're just trying to act like a daddy

> Your resentment shows to
> the list; surely it 
> does to your employer as well.  A lot of people here
> have tried to reach 
> you, but you seem to be above all that.

I did not entered this post to get a lesson but
discuss the assistant case but arguing based on my and
others experiences.

>      Good luck to you in whatever field you find
> yourself working in.
> Bob Lovejoy
> Senior Colorist
> Shooters Post and Transfer
> Philadelphia PA USA
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