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matthieu dubail matthieu_dubail
Wed May 25 15:42:01 BST 2005

> Mat I'm sorry you are having a bad time with this, I
> would suggest you get into another market. If the
> French market is difficult and you are treated badly
> then leave. It won't get better!
> Keep a good attitude and check out other areas of
> Europe.

That's what me and many friends are thinking of. Good

> No pun intended but some times the french
> are
> very rude.

It's not about french or not. It's about old and new
way to manage a buisness. Looking for your employees
to evolute is the best way to get a fragile workflow.
"A good employee is an employee at his right place".
Looking at my parents and other exemples, I can state
this was not the case before. Now the market is rather
saturated, manager tend to say easely "if you're not
happy (with your work, salary and other) then leave.",
knowing there's no place elsewhere. If you got a
family, you're stucked. I even know some that commit

> As per bellow:
> > > Actually no it does not refer to your English,
> it
> > > was
> > > a Typo and Since I have Family in France, "Oui
> je
> > > parle le Fran?ais. Peut-?tre mon Fran?ais dans
> > > am?liore alors votre Anglais"
> > 
> > Oops, sorry. Beeing french, I'm not really aware
> of
> > french like Typo. In france, colorist is called
> > "etalonneur" (etalonnor) but some are willing to
> be
> > called "coloriste" (from english) as well because
> > they
> > fell like it's a more honorific name. Rather
> > pathetic,
> > IMHO.
> > 
> > >"Oui je
> > > parle le Fran?ais. Peut-?tre mon Fran?ais dans
> > > am?liore alors votre Anglais"
> > 
> > So sorry, but this doesn't mean a thing.
> > Matt
> Wow is my french that good? I said maybe my French
> is
> better than your English. :)

Actually, you litteraly said "Yes, I speak the french.
Maybe my french in ameliorate then your english." :-)
You wanted to say : "Mon fran?ais est peut-etre
meilleur que ton anglais".

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