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matthieu dubail matthieu_dubail
Wed May 25 16:04:04 BST 2005

> Matt, I guess many trying to get into this artistic
> industry would work for
> nothing, just to get a step on the ladder.

Yes, agree, but this is the ruin of our job. By doing
that, you quickly become "the guy who work for free".
Nothing else. That's why some jobs here are replaced
by trainees. Let me tell the biggest mistake I almost
did : I was an ass. colorist trainee in a facility
before but there were no work for me at Tk (I only was
here to  get employed ass. fear for there jobs). So I
decided to help the editor a bit. One morning he came
telling me : "Look, I spoked to the manager and we
conclued to an arrangement : you will continue your
training here for at least one year, working alone at
night (digitizing) without beeing paid (not even meal
and transport refund). There will be no job
opportunity at the end and don't even wait for us to
thank you."
me : "so what do I get finally ?"
him : "You'll know the editing device well" ... by
The fact is that assistant editor is no more a job
here. Sound synchronization partially the same, and
ass. colorist soon to be also.

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