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Michael Most mmost
Wed May 25 18:11:07 BST 2005

On May 25, 2005, at 7:42 AM, matthieu dubail wrote:
> It's not about french or not. It's about old and new
> way to manage a buisness.

Really? How many other places in the world have you worked in that  
qualify you to make such a statement, let alone harbor such animosity  
towards the industry you seem to want to make your living in?

You've now heard from numerous successful colorists (primarily in the  
US) that have basically told you that your entire assessment of the  
situation is dead wrong. Things haven't changed over the years nearly  
as much as you seem to want to believe they have, regardless of your  
limited personal experience with it and regardless of what  
techologies have or have not become available to a wider audience.  
You made the comparison with Picasso. Picasso's tools cost about  
$25.00. A telecine room currently costs about $3 million. Those who  
have paid for that room have a financial responsibility to staff it  
with proven talent than can bring in enough business to justify that  
expenditure. Degrees from art schools and universities have  
absolutely no impact on clients who want to come in, work with  
someone they enjoy working with, and walk out with an exemplary  
product - with no technical problems, and completed in a very short  
time frame. That requires experience. Unfortunately for you, the  
things you learn from experience cannot be taught to someone without  
it. And the value of that experience is not fully comprehended until  
you have it.

I'd advise you to be more patient, but it's wasted advice. You've  
already decided the world is against you, and that you know far more  
than all of us who have spent years experiencing and learning  
whatever it is we have learned and experienced. Nothing I can say  
will make you understand what you will come to understand over time -  
if you're willing to learn.

MIke Most
VFX Supervisor
IATSE Local 600
Los Angeles

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