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matthieu dubail matthieu_dubail
Wed May 25 18:13:31 BST 2005

--- Jack James <jack at surrealroad.com> a ?crit:
> (laurence at bell-theatre.com) for supporting the TIG
> in 2005
> --
> I've been loving this discussion and thought i'd
> throw my own oar in.
> I find myself empathising with both sides. I
> consider myself an idealist in general, but let's
> stick with reality in this case. I was originally
> trying to break into animation, but the concept is
> the same. I took a job as a runner at a post house,
> for less than the minimum wage. This despite having
> spent the last three years getting a degree and
> living on no money. And I hated it. If you've never
> been a runner before, you can't imagine how it feels
> to have everyone look down on you, and having to
> smile all the while; see people doing the job you
> want to do but knowing less than you and so on. it
> didn't lead to any use of the equipment afterwards,
> which was fine because I already had a showreel
> (just no experience), nor did it get me a foot in.
> What it gave me were a sense of drive, and an
> in-depth look at the industry. Suddenly I knew who
> to speak to, and how; and how to get noticed.
> Whenever people say the industry is about who you
> know, well that's what they mean. Sure you may have
>  the skills, but if spielberg wouldn't have camped
> at universal studios for months, Jaws would have
> been a different film.
> On the other side of things, it's a business. That
> means economic efficiency and maximising things like
> grading time are paramount. So if you have 100
> over-qualified applicants for a runner's job, you
> are going to have a ridiculously disproportionate
> interviewing process, in that the person who gets
> the job will be really over-qualified. Similarly,
> maybe there's no point training people because it's
> a waste of resources. Likewise, you don't
> necessarily have time to test unproven candidates.
> This is the industry, this is how it works, and if
> you can't hack it, maybe that's a sign to do
> something else.
> But that doesn't mean you have to like it.

Thanks for entering the discussion. You're putting
some really interesting point. All senior color grader
I know did entered the buisness only by asking the
nearest lab for a job. Now you're beeing ask to get
education, experience and recommandations. Not
surprising that they quickly looks "ungrateful". I
totally agree with the fact that this is just how it
works now and you have to do with that. Sad
This is why I tell newbies to be the smartest possible
in their own choices and not going straight ahead.
IMHO, best would be to gain knowledge and fake a small CV.


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