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Martin Euredjian ecinema
Wed May 25 19:39:57 BST 2005

> I did not miss your point, IMHO. You're trying to say
you paid your dues first before becoming a colorist.
But my point is that you did not paid it by beeing an

First of all.  I did not become a colorist.  I played one on TV for a while.

Secondly.  You missed my point again.  Maybe I should have put it in simpler

There's a lot more to being a colorist than the art or mechanical skills.  A
hell of a lot more.

That you will never learn playing with photoshop in your garage.  Eventually
you have to migrate and learn about the real job you are trying to get.  In
the US at least, the best way to get to that chair as an outsider is through
the assistant position.

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