[Tig] assistants

matthieu dubail matthieu_dubail
Wed May 25 23:51:21 BST 2005

> Settle down. This conversation has been good for
> this group....

I hope so. Anyway, It kind of discussion I like : "Me
against the world." Just kidding.

> it's a 
> discussion group by definition. Yes, sometimes
> people are NOT talking to 
> you, but speaking generally. You've brought up some
> interesting points, 
> and general reasons for malaise. You do NOT need to
> answer all these 
> posts.

Call that education. I know I should not but I have
to. Kind of create this snowballing effect. Did spend
to much time answering to everybody today.

> It's taken a life of it's own. Let it go.
> Believe me, the rest of 
> us will pontificate until we get tired.

I too ! That's what I fear.

> You will
> also keep hearing about 
> what you need to do, or what you need to think
> about.... that's what 
> happens around here... big pot, lots of cooks, lots
> of really talented 
> people, lots of opinions. It's not a letter writing
> contest... just a 
> place to purge all those thoughts running around
> your head. You can feel 
> free to be done and not respond anymore. ; > )

But I like to. Even if this not show at first, I do
listen and evaluate all interesting points here.
And anyway, It's a really good way for me to pratice
english. It made me settle once again this "wish"
"which" "witch" mess. :-)



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