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Martin Wells colourblonde
Thu May 26 09:30:08 BST 2005

While I do agree that hard work and a bit of self sacrifice is part of
becoming a colourist, I think Matt has made some valid points. Sometimes it
is more a case of being in the wrong place at the wrong time than anything
else. I think most would agree that a move to another company suddenly
improved our standing. Matt, maybe you should consider starting somewhere
else. However, knowing the way this industry is sometimes, I'm afraid you
may have burned your bridges.
The other point I'd like to make is regarding some of the responses to
Matt's comments. I think it's funny that for the first time in a while,
someone actually had the balls to say what was on his mind and the "telecine
community" completely dumped on him. A few even got personal with their
comments regarding his nationality and personality. I think before you start
knocking other countries, you should take a look at your own doorstep.
Personally,  I'd rather hear someone's honest opinion that I may or may not
like than some back patting politically correct sleaze that someone thinks I
want to hear which amounts to nothing more than verbal diarrhea.

       Martin Wells
colourblonde at hotmail.com

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