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Let's take a Canadian perspective on this topic. This topic is getting and
boring and redundant. All it has accomplished is filling up our inboxes.
Let's stop this spam now kids.
Jim Yazbeck
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> Thanks to LAURENCE CLAYDON (laurence at bell-theatre.com) for supporting the
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> On May 25, 2005, at 7:42 AM, matthieu dubail wrote:
> > It's not about french or not. It's about old and new
> > way to manage a buisness.
> Really? How many other places in the world have you worked in that
> qualify you to make such a statement, let alone harbor such animosity
> towards the industry you seem to want to make your living in?
> You've now heard from numerous successful colorists (primarily in the
> US) that have basically told you that your entire assessment of the
> situation is dead wrong. Things haven't changed over the years nearly
> as much as you seem to want to believe they have, regardless of your
> limited personal experience with it and regardless of what
> techologies have or have not become available to a wider audience.
> You made the comparison with Picasso. Picasso's tools cost about
> $25.00. A telecine room currently costs about $3 million. Those who
> have paid for that room have a financial responsibility to staff it
> with proven talent than can bring in enough business to justify that
> expenditure. Degrees from art schools and universities have
> absolutely no impact on clients who want to come in, work with
> someone they enjoy working with, and walk out with an exemplary
> product - with no technical problems, and completed in a very short
> time frame. That requires experience. Unfortunately for you, the
> things you learn from experience cannot be taught to someone without
> it. And the value of that experience is not fully comprehended until
> you have it.
> I'd advise you to be more patient, but it's wasted advice. You've
> already decided the world is against you, and that you know far more
> than all of us who have spent years experiencing and learning
> whatever it is we have learned and experienced. Nothing I can say
> will make you understand what you will come to understand over time -
> if you're willing to learn.
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