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Andreas Wider√łe Andersen andreas
Thu May 26 21:53:12 BST 2005

Seems to me that Rob blocked Matthieu's account. I'm forwarding this 
message which was sent directly to many of us on the TIG since I feel it 
belongs here. I agree that personal attacks should not be allowed, but one 
should be allowed to express their views and opinions without being censored.

For what it's worth:

I started up all by myself from scratch without knowing anything about 
colour correction 2 years ago. Now I have a studio here with 2 telecines, 
pogle and too much work for one person and I've never been an assistant. 
This should prove that it can be done without first wiping the floors all 
the way up to the suite and then feed tapes for years. I work a lot, I like 
it and I even empty my own thrash and clean the floors. There are many ways 
of entering this business. Certainly having a mentor or teacher is great, 
but for those who don't want one or can't have one they'll have to find 
another way.

Andreas W. Andersen
Norsk Smalfilm, Norway


>Here is the last post I was trying to send by it seams
>like I do have the ability anymore to post via TIG
>I'm willing to post it anyway, just because it took me
>some time to write it :
> > > Thanks mate ! Funny to see you're everywhere my
> > > so-called "rudeness" is discussed of. '-)
> >
> > no personal abuse on the TIG please.
> >
>This was no personnal abuse Rob. I was just amused to
>find this guy back in this forum since we met in the
>www.filmshooting.com forum. I said that because two
>years ago, we had some sort of the same discussion
>about the "european way" to discuss.
>Now that said, rob, please excuse me, but I'm pretty
>disapointed by the way this post goes. I'm sorry to
>that you, and lot other, did blame my supposed
>"abuses" and forum newby Mattias's one without
>pointing those one :
>"Mattheiu, isn't there a "Starbucks" or something in
>your country where
>you can get a job and just be grumpy to everyone?"
>"A vital phrase for someone with Mattheiu's attitude:-
>"would you like fries with that?""
>or "Bob F!....stop posing as mattieu dubail."
>I do feel those are personnal abuses.
>I did recieved some personnal and group messages
>telling I should beware because those are important
>actors of the profession. If this what rules this
>forum, so I clearly have nothing to do in it cause
>those ain't no democratic rules IMHO. That's maybe the
>differents between a professional forum and an amateur
>forum : some are speeking thinkings of eventual
>connections, others with nothing but heart and
>I mean Internet was - firstly - develloped as free
>discussion space. I wish It would still. Also remember
>that we are in the communication market, we should do
>its promotion. We have this role in this society.
>I know perfectly what I am doing, since as everybody
>noticed, I'm not hidding behind any pseudo or avatar
>or any sort of anonymousity.
>Remember also this is only a discussion, nothing else,
>nothing to fear of.
>Now I feel sorry this discussion as grown up a troll.
>I thought some points I and other discussed diserved
>to be discussed. It really help to change my mind on
>several things and I hope I did the same way for them.
>How the industry did change, what is training for
>colorist and how to make a carrer of it are, for
>exemple, some of the discussions that should lead this
>forum, IMHO.
>No It's clear I won't post on this subject - and maybe
>forum - anymore.
>Thanks for anyone that was willing to share their
>experiences and thoughts with me, it was a pleasure
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