[Tig] Respect & assistant

Pascal NOWAK pacoul
Fri May 27 07:12:39 BST 2005

Hi folks,

I couldn't believe my eyes when I checked my "TIGmailbox": more than 100 mails and almost all about the same subject. 
What was happenning ? 
The Spirit XK released ? Lustre REALLY works in real time ? Davinci bankrupted ? Worst of that, end of the tig ?
Nothing to do with this kind od stuffs, just an answer to a question posted by Rob about the role of an assistant.

I don't know if it's the fact than I'm french as well, but I do support Matt's ideas. It's a pity he can't participate anymore. I don't understand that an account is close for someone who just give a rude answer to someone who was more rude not only with him but previously in other topics as well. Some people on this list feel themselves so important that they probably don't realise how arrogant they are which is luckily not the case for most of the tigers.
Anyway, I understand perfectly his point of view probably because I've seen so many assistants like him in the last few years who were absolutely able to do the job I was doing. Instead of that, they were in the room to do only what the colorist don't like to do. You can say that it makes life easiest for everybody, -colorist and clients- but after experienced sessions with (sometimes 2) and without assistant, I have to say that it is aproximatevely the same thing in terms of speed and efficiently, except in case the colorist is freelance which is definetely very comfortable to have somebody with you.

I guess you're going to say "give your job to the assistant if you think so". 
Well, nobody will take my job because I just love it but it sometimes happened when I wasn't available (I'm freelance) that I advised the post-facility to commit his own assistant instead of me because I knew the guy had enough knowledges to do the job. And the answer has always been the same: "We can not do that" even if it was for a very simple job like rushes best light transfer. And that's why you see assistant wasting their time and becoming nervous...
When I started, my "mentor" always refused to have an assistant but he always accept to explain me the job. As a tape operator, I spent the most time as possible to stay with him in the telecine room and when he took some holidays, I became his replacement even obviously I did only the most simpliest work. But by this way, I avoided to waste 2 or 3 years in memorising which client prefer tea or coffee, heineken or budd, U2 or Puff Daddy. Instead of that, I spent my time to learn which one prefer contrast or flat, blue or brown, moody or mogly and most important how to make them happy. And my mentor was always here to give me good advice about that. 

I think the idea of Matt was to explain that it's probably better to start as junior colorist than assistant colorist.
In every industry, some people started in very hard conditions and then became very famous. So, they think everybody should do the same.
Please consider that what YOU did is not necessary THE only way.



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