[Tig] 2K HSDL on Tape (was assistants)

Stuart Monksfield smonksfield
Fri May 27 00:55:58 BST 2005

Sebastian / Izhak,

I too saw the Panasonic enhancement to the HD-D5 at NAB 2004. From memory it
was a simulated demo, running HD not 2K, there was not ability to Tilt the
image to view to 2K frame height. After posing a few questions to the guy
manning the stand, there seemed a few gaps in the idea. As it was a concept
showing I was happy to cut some slack and allow them to take on board my
ideas and feedback. I'd be interested to hear if it has been seen again
publicly since, or whether it was a strategy to take the gloss off the
launch of HDCAM-SR which was happening at that same show.

By the way - at what frame rate did you have in mind running the HDSL
capture Izhak ?

Stuart Monksfield
Cutting Edge
Brisbane, Sydney, Gold Coast - Australia

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Thanks to LAURENCE CLAYDON (laurence at bell-theatre.com) for supporting the
TIG in 2005

Hi Izhak,

Panasonic presented a prototype of an add-on to their HD-D5 VTR (or should
i now say DTR) ;) that did exactly that.

This was NAB 2004. I didn't have time this past NAB to check it out, so i
don't know if it's a product, but at the time there was a lot of
development ahead.



At 20.11 26/05/2005, Izhak Hinitz wrote:
>As for another Issue, anyone know how to record 2K HSDL onto a tape
>transport. ?

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