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Sean McKee sean
Sun Oct 2 09:54:30 BST 2005

Hi Jim,

The telephone pole example sounds impressive. If that was 3 years ago, I'd
like to see it now. We've used Revival standalone and Revival on Discreet
since it's inception. My guess would be that they adapted the temporal grain
reduction algorithm. I say that because in an early version of that
algorithm (6 years ago?), there was a bug/feature (long since fixed) that if
you were using aggressive settings and had a shot for instance with a static
background and a person walked quickly into the foreground, the background
would sometimes freak out in watery psychedelic swirls (ah, fun with motion
estimated algorithms) but the moving foreground object remained perfectly
isolated. I thought this could make a great matte tracking tool if modified
and not requiring Pink Floyd to use.

That's interesting to know its in Resolve now. I'll have to get a look at
how that works. Does Resolve access clips on Discreet Stones directly or do
you have to use some kind of network middleware, like Maximum Throughput's
Sledgehammer or XStoner?


Sean McKee
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On 10/1/05 1:00 PM, "Jim Mann" <jfmann at optonline.net> wrote:

> Hi Sean,
> Yes, I remember Traxim
 I never owned one, only saw the Demo at NAB many
> years ago, but it made an impression on me
It was cool.
> You want to pull a key on an object, then using a window or a hand drawn
> shape as a garbage matte, apply dust busting algorithms to the key.
> Two years ago, (maybe 3!) I demo-ed the proto type for the daVinci ?software
> based? color corrector which is now called ?Resolve?. In my demo of the unit
> I tracked a woman?s face, ?as a shape? No points. It was explained to me,
> that this was accomplished by adapting algorithms used by daVinci?s Revival
> product (Dust Busting) into the tracking system of the ?resolve? product.
> The key and matte of the woman?s face grew as she approached the camera and
> then passed behind a telephone pole, the traveling matte continued on course
> and speed!.. till it picked up the shape again on the other side of the
> pole. It was very impressive.
> I believe with this type of tracking combined with Plug-in style dust
> busting (and maybe Grain/Noise reduction too) and you may have a modern day
> replacement for your trusted and reliable ol?Traxim.
> daVinci ?Resolve? is the only product to my knowledge that tracks ?Windows?
> (or as we say today ?areas of isolation?) in this manner, not using points.
> Disclaimer: These thoughts are mine alone. I have in the past served as a
> demo artist for daVinci and have cashed checks with there name on it.
> Good Luck,
> Jim
> Jim Mann
> Senior Colorist
> Synchro Film and Video
> Vienna, Austria
> http://www.digitalvision.se/customers/freelancers_mann.htm
> http://tig.colorist.org/wiki2/index.php/User:Jim_Mann

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