[Tig] 4K HSDL Data Standard

Laurence Claydon laurence
Thu Oct 6 10:06:58 BST 2005


If I remember correctly, the ITK Millenium would deliver 4k (at about 3fps) over Dual-Link HSDL. I have no idea of the packing standard, but there are a few ex-ITK folks spread across Filmlight and Cintel who may be able to shed some light on the subject.....


Laurence Claydon
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Hi All,

We have settled on a scope/monitoring solution that currently supports 2K over HSDL. I asked the manufacturer if they can support 4K, and they believed that if the data packing is the same as the current dual link HSDL standard, they should be able to implement it.  Does anybody have a link they can point me to that contains the ?standard? for HSDL regarding 2K & more importantly 4K?


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