[Tig] Regular 8mm on an FDL?

Andreas Wideroe Andersen andreas-ml
Thu Oct 6 13:09:19 BST 2005

Hi all,
I just ran a minute of Regular 8mm film through 
our FDL-60 telecine using our Super8 gate. Except 
for the pictures rolling over the screen and a 
very visible left side perf (and image probably 
cut on the right side) the image looks smashing! 
Sharp and good colours. The film was a Kodachrome 25 film from the 60s.

My question is: What does it take to run Regular 
8mm on a FDL-60, 90 or Quadra? Have anyone done 
it? Can a gate be made? What would it cost?

I'd like to discuss this with you.

Looking forward to hearing your input.


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