[Tig] JPEG2000 in camera?

Michael Most mmost
Fri Oct 7 15:18:09 BST 2005

On Oct 7, 2005, at 4:50 AM, Adrian Thomas wrote:
> The Viper - as I understand it - captures RAW data directly from  
> the CCD's AD converters, thus there is no gamma correction, colour  
> matrix or de-mosaicing algorithm yet applied.

That is incorrect. The Viper is a video camera. It does not produce  
RAW files, it produces dual link RGB HD video. The names "film  
stream" and the like refer to the format of that video, with the  
values either encoded to a log format (film stream) or gamma  
corrected and white balanced (the various monitoring modes, as well  
as some other available feeds). There is gamma correction in the  
non-"stream" feeds. There is no need for demosaicing because there is  
no mode that produces RAW files.

The only current digital motion picture camera that produces RAW  
files that I know of is the Dalsa. It is also promised in the Kinetta  
(if and when it arrives), and potentially in the Arri D20.

Mike Most
VFX Supervisor/Dir. of Post Production
Westwind Media
Burbank, CA.

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