[Tig] Using multiple displays for coloring can be better?

woz WL
Sat Oct 8 18:34:10 BST 2005

I can quote one example in (very faint) support of  multiple monitors. (I
don't subscribe to the idea generally for  many reasons which I'm sure Rob
will more than adequately cover, but not least of which is that you would
never be able to make a decision on which to believe!).

If you want to check for the presence of Pal artifacts
(crosscolour/luminance for example), the best way is to look at your
pictures on a Pal monitor . The majority of terrestrial transmission (at
least for the next few years) in the UK is still Pal. Of course I'm not
suggesting that a Pal monitor be used as a primary grading device.

It isn't always (ever?) the case that material will  'translate' perfectly
into a domestic environment.

If you want to hear one very good reason NOT to allow multiple monitors, sit
with a client and wait till they say " I prefer the way it looks on that tv,
will it/can you make it, look like that?" Diplomacy can be severely tested
at this point....

By the way, I've given up setting my tv at home correctly as my family
prefer it at maximum contrast and over-saturated. I'm sure they are fairly
typical of the population in general. I suppose it could be fairly
distracting in a grading evvironment!

woz (itv/3sixtymedia)

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> Thanks to Bob Sliga and Cutters Inc. for supporting the TIG.
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> What multiple displays could potentially do:
> A- Help approximate what the home viewer will see.
> B- Help check white balance, and to counteract white balance drift.
> I'm sorry  that's a ridiculous argument, so why don't you grade off a
> normal telly, in your living room ...  ... I'm not even going to expand
> on it.
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