[Tig] Using multiple displays for coloring can be better?

Michael Orton morton
Tue Oct 11 00:34:12 BST 2005

Boys, let me clarify a couple o?things.
Firstly, Dave, it is emphatically not my ?suggestion? to use a second
monitor in the suite. As a former (reformed?) colorist from the mid 80?s, I
have lived through the ?which monitor is correct?? issues. You may have read
a bit too much into what I was saying... I said I?d ?caved? on this issue.
The pressure came from the colorists that I?ve worked with as an engineer,
who in turn were responding to their clients asking ?what does it look like
on a TV??

My point is that sometimes it can be beneficial to have a telly in the
suite. How many times have we as colorists been driven into a corner with
over-hot reds or yellows by an over-zealous client? One look at the TV is
usually sufficient to show that the picture is over-cooked, that picture
being worth a thousand words about vectorscopes and IRE units. DPs, picture
editors and agency TV creatives are by definition, primarily concerned with
the image, so that is overwhelmingly the best way to communicate.

Standards? Hell yes! As I said in my note, part of the discussion with
clients ought to be that the broadcast monitor is set up to internationally
agreed standards (OK a bit of poetic license here), so that the picture is
going to look similar when moving between different good-quality post
companies. Any other way, I agree, is chaotic.

Rob: yes, predictable on the discussion about Auratones, I know. We?ve had
this conversation on more than one occasion. I think the advantage that the
audio people have is that although Auratones have no real bass, they do all
sound pretty uniform. Our issue in TV-land is that we have no real ?standard
telly?. Suites seem to have a plethora of different consumer devices, from
plasmas through LCDs and projectors to the ubiquitous Sony (nice marketing
guys!) Wega CRTs which always look too blue compared to the reference
broadcast monitor.

I guess having a TV in the suite is a concession to the fact that the
picture is going to be viewed on a huge variety of different screens at
home: well set-up component input high-end monitors being decidedly in the
minority. The thing is to make the best of a bad job: break out Joe Kane?s
test DVD and try to set up the telly to be as neutral and ?reference? as
possible. Hey, if your clients will let you get away without a TV in the
room, sit back and enjoy it while it lasts!

<end philosophical discussion>


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