[Tig] Using multiple displays for coloring can be better?

David Bernstein d_bernstein2000
Wed Oct 12 08:20:48 BST 2005

I'd have to agree that there can only be one real
color reference in the suite, and that trying to use
consumer products as a predictor of the home viewing
experience is a pointless exercise. You cannot play
the guessing game of trying to imagine what any given
picture might look like on any one of the dozens of
different models of various maladjusted displays being
viewed under any number of different lighting

A much better solution is to try to convince the
manufacturers that it's in their interest to factory
preset consumer displays to more closely resemble our
calibrated monitors. There is already a trend towards
this in some small areas, such as LCD and DLP
projectors. I've done some work with one major
manufacturer to help setup a color profile in one of
their LCD projectors that tries to match the look of
our HD reference monitor, and they've had success
marketing this unit as being representative of the
filmmakers intended vision. So much so that they are
starting to apply this concept to some of their other
display groups (DLP, Plasma, etc). I can imagine other
manufacturers jumping on this bandwagon, if it helps
them sell more TVs.

David Bernstein
Ascent Media DMDC-West
Burbank, CA

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