[Tig] Using multiple displays for coloring can be better?

Sam Holtz SHOLTZ
Wed Oct 12 14:49:54 BST 2005

I would like to emphasize that about more than  30 years ago at Teletronics
in NYC the very FIRST COLOR CORRECTOR suite (they have the first patent
ever)  we used ONLY one color monitor for Reference. Two reasons, 1-, they
drifted (Conrac CYB 17, vacuum tubes) 2 clients would not know which was
right. About 4 years latter at EDITEL when the "HOLTZ" color corrector was
installed in the Editel suite, Conrac developed a new series, the 6142, all
transistorized. Was considered NO Drift, Larent Laa (Vidtronics), Jack
Callaway (TAV and some times Vidtronics) and myself (EDITEL) decide to force
Conrac to match the 5600 degrees Kelvin , blank white field, 60 fc. output
on the white square of standard NTSC Color Bars. And a white surround
(background) of 10% of the white flag (6 fc.. A year latter became the SMPTE
standard and recommended practice. THIS IS STILL THE STANDARD. As you can
see if you have more than one monitor side by side, you DO NOT HAVE A
NEUTRAL BACKGROUND. Also if you are color correcting, you must have ONE
REFERENCE, And not a series of what would look in over 250 models of TV's
and millions of different setups at home, office, etc.. Also phosphors' were
standardized then to match the original CYB, and was call Hollywood
The purpose was that if you Color correct a film, it would look the same in
editing, at the same or different facility, and not necessarily if it look
the same in every TV Set. EXCEPT FOR Projection (DLP and LCD) the Standard
still applies. Projection for DI use, has a new set of rules, different
color space, No phosphors' involved and NO neutral surround, since it is
masked with black in a darkened room, similar to a movie theater.

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Thanks to Sean Mckee for supporting the TIG.
Speaking from personal experience, at the BBC, every TK suite had two
(PAL) colour monitors.
Try as you may, you could get them looking identical on grey scales, PLUGE,
colour bars etc.
As soon as any film was run, they were always glaringly different, resulting
in the either the colourist asking the client which monitor they preferred
or the client asking the colourist which monitor they should regard as the
'right' one. The only solution was to switch one of them either to
monochrome or off!
Moral - (and I think you can work it out for yourselves).
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