[Tig] Ode to multiple monitors

Peter Swinson peter_swinson
Fri Oct 14 01:17:48 BST 2005

Please forgive me before you read this rather than after !!

After some  B.R.R.E.
More monitors were key
To help satisfy the client
So we started with one
Each color a gun
For we reckoned to be quite defiant

With more of the booze
We would quality loose 
Despite the Big CRT 
We tried two in the room
With one on a boom
But each had a different knee

After much B.R.R.E.
We did eventually agree
That more monitors may not be the game
They cause one to question
And clients to mention
Why do they not look the same

With more B.R.R.E
We tried LCD
Flat screens, the future display 
Tweaked to the hilt
Not the way it was built
But found it had it's own way

We called Martin E
Who knows LCD
He's spent so much time conforming
He knew of a batch
He thought he could match
The only LCDs now performing

We gave Plasma a go
Both consumer and Pro
They did look good on the wall
But with more BRRE
They looked crap to me
To most colorists they surely appal

So back to the drink
And some time to think
Should monitors be in the Plural
It seems not the best
In a colorists quest. 
Unless his wall is a mural

Consumer and Pro
Oh no, no, no. 
Keep to a single master
Too much BRRE
With less monitors to see
Makes the grade go much faster.


Oh, OK  Peter Swinson after too much BRRE.

Yes Bill T. & Mike O. I still have too much time on my hands!

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