[Tig] Fw: help please (datamill)

Christopher Noellert chris
Thu Oct 20 13:44:49 BST 2005

On 10/19/05 10:28 PM, "Digital Praxis" <digital.praxis at virgin.net> wrote:

> In fact, If your mate has a dataMill, I'm not sure he would need a seperate
> scanner as the 2K and 4K from the dataMill are very good. I guess it's a
> telecine style system vs a scanner...

Given that the image is not pinned on the Datamill, which often times is a
demand from VFX houses, it still would be wise to have a data scanner of
some sort IF you're planning on doing those kinds of jobs as well.

My opinion is as always: Having a mix of technologies is better.  Never
throw all your eggs in one basket.  Alternatively:  Why have one when you
can have two for twice the price.


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