[Tig] Displays ( not multiple! )

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Sat Oct 22 23:37:19 BST 2005

Ralph, you are a smart guy.  I like you.  However, I have to make an
important point.  Perhaps not for me to make, but I will.  

If you are going to market on the TIG at least take the time to also
contribute.  I try very hard to follow this rule.  I am not talking about
financial contributions (although this is important and I did at NAB, with
$500 in iPod's for the raffle, which I think brought in nearly $1K for the
TIG).  No, I mean contributions in the form of valuable non-commercial
participation in discussions.

If you look back through my messages you'll see that I take the time to
discuss subjects that might be of value to members.  This does not come
cheap, as a careful, well-thought-out, well-researched post might take over
an hour to compose and proof.  This also shows respect for members' time and
an interest in helping and participating in this community.

Failing to contribute to discussions gives the impression that the poster is
only interested in the opportunity to sell and market to list members.
Clearly this is not what the TIG exists for.  I think it is quite alright
for manufacturers to keep people informed of their activities, however,
context is important here.  If a person's posts are 99% ads and 1%
substance...well, clearly the intent is to sell rather than contribute.

In the case of your most recent post, it would have been much more
appropriate to offer real technical insight in support of your assertions
(some of which I will strongly question).  Take a few paragraphs and use
them for that.  Then, and only then, get into your commercial activities.
Otherwise it is just a cheap ad.

Time to go fishing!  If anyone knows the real secrets to catching Bass, feel
free to share!  :-(

Martin Euredjian
eCinema Systems, Inc.
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fax: 661-775-4876
martin at ecinemasys.com

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