[Tig] gray/grey

Dominic Case cased
Wed Oct 26 08:36:26 BST 2005

Here's a thought for an idle moment . . . similar to Rob's legendary
interest in the colour of the middle traffic light (yellow? orange? amber?).

Someone on another list questioned the spelling of "grey" or "gray" - as in
grayscale, 18% grey etc. 

(It's also a name - and I had wondered why the recent TV show "Grey's
Anatomy" had chosen to misspell the name of the classic medical text "Gray's
Anatomy". -Probably a copyright issue.)

Anyway, I did a search and found the following, apparently from the Oxford
English Dictionary.

>>Many correspondents said that they used the two forms with a difference of
meaning or application: the distinction most generally recognized being that
grey denotes a more delicate or a lighter tint than gray. Others considered
the difference to be that gray is a _warmer_ colour, or that it has a
mixture of red or brown (cf. also the quot. under 1 c below). In the
twentieth century, grey has become the established spelling in the U.K.,
whilst gray is standard in the United States. <<

Then I found this . . .

> "Grey is composed only of black and white; the term gray is applied to
> any broken colour of cool hue and therefore belongs to the class of
> chromatic colours" 1885

Those on this list who use greyscales, or believe that an 18% grey (is that
lighter than 18% gray) has some significance, must surely be the authorities
on this. What do you think? 

Dominic Case
Atlab Australia

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