[Tig] Displays ( not multiple! )

Lucas Wilson Lucas
Wed Oct 26 08:03:57 BST 2005

This is a valid plan only if one works under the assumption that the
point of fishing is to catch fish.


Lucas Wilson
Assimilate, Inc.
Los Angeles (but grew up on the Tennessee River in North Alabama...)

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From: Martin Euredjian

Actually, in my spare time (yeah, right) I've been
looking into the idea of a bow-mounted underwater
infrared video camera connected to a GPS system and a
fish finder to map the lake's population.  My wife
thinks that this is a typical engineer overcomplicating the hell out of
fishing.  I just
can't see her point.  :-)

Thanks for the tip!

-Martin Euredjian
 eCinema Systems, Inc.

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