[Tig] the Hurricane

Martin Euredjian ecinema
Sun Sep 4 01:49:41 BST 2005

Fox, BBC and Deutsche Welle are among my favorites.  Here's DW's web page:


Nowhere in American media have I heard that Germany has offered its oil
reserves to the US.  The same with the French government's announcement that
the IEA approved releasing 60 million barrels of oil per day for a month.
And, there's more.  Good and bad, of course.

Anyhow, send whatever you can to your favorite aid organization.  Make sure
the money is used to aid hurricane victims.  A further example of the
complexities faced is that some of the cities that people have evacuated to
simply don't have the capacity to accept them on a permanent basis.  Not
enough housing and possibly not enough jobs.  So, again, it isn't about
getting a million buses and pulling everyone out instantly.

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