[Tig] the Hurricane

Shawn Fitzpatrick shawnpfitz
Sun Sep 4 03:09:46 BST 2005

Hi Rob,

I noticed the same thing. They look like Christie Cubes with the color
settings out of calibration. We have the same issues when we setup our MVP
system at NAB. It takes the Christie rep an hour or so every year to fiddle
with each rear projection system to get the colors and alignment right.

It might be an MVP driving the outputs, but the color is the projector
calibration issue, not the driving technology. 


Shawn Fitzpatrick - Evertz Microsystems Ltd. Keyer systems guy

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Thanks to Filmlight and Edifis for supporting the TIG.
Incidentally, regarding the multiple-screen video panel behind the
standing anchors on CNN, I notice that when the screens are presenting
parts of the same picture, the color differs markedly between the
screens separated by the black split lines.

Can anyone comment on the technology used for this display? 

I almost thought that perhaps the color doesn't match between the
displays because we are more accustomed to a nonmatching condition,
through years of seeing CRTs not match; in other words, that this is an
introduced, willful artifact, not unlike film grain and scratches.  

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