[Tig] How to become colorist

Kaspar Kallas kaspar
Tue Sep 6 18:46:29 BST 2005


Well I am from a small country Estonia, and there are no film post- 
production companies around other than one that I built from scratch  
and can handle up to HDCAM-SR stuff. As this has all been fine for  
learning technical aspects and getting theoretical background I am  
not getting the experience needed to be professional. As much as I  
like the small country I am from I like helping other film-makers  
fulfill their create needs more, so I understand that I need to leave  
and get some REAL experience.
The problem is that it is impossible to start as CC when you have no  
experience on professional equipment.
So what would be the job to look for no to stray from my path to  
become at least half decent colorist (well actually I want to be the  
best there is, then again wants VS realty)

I know theoretical basics, understand the difference between CRT and  
LCD telecines also what make some scanners better than others, but I  
need to touch these thing, work with them - see these things myself  
and hopefully be good at it.

So any comments recomandations .... anything

-Kaspar (so eager to be a colorist) Kallas

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