[Tig] Metamerism

Cyril Pertsev kika
Wed Sep 7 21:33:16 BST 2005

 >> Anyone here using the Qualia 004 as a serious projector for CC?

We bought one, installed but not yet used for any CC. Actually, I just 
made everything work only today. But it was bought to be a display 
device for a Filmlight's Baselight workstation.

We did a few calibration runs and it appears to be not a 'transparent' 
device, it 'improves' the signal (well, it supposed to be used in 'home 
cinema' environments after all). Not only it's not linear, but all 3 
colors are nonlinear diffrently. But it have plenty of room for calibration.

In couple of months we'll do a project or two on it and then we'll have 
a more reliable opinion on Q004 capabilities in CC work.

Best regards,

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