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Peter Swinson peter_swinson
Fri Sep 9 17:22:11 BST 2005

It is some time since the last Bubble Rise Rate Experiments report. Since
then much amber nectar has flowed in the cause of research.
Bill Topazio's recent contribution of an image of a vehicle laden down with
used research vessels shows that we have yet to establish the Rise Rate
Many recent TIG subjects have influenced BRRE.

The D.I. (Drinking till Inebriated) debate for example prompted  a "Should
Beer be Digital" conference, held at a London Pub. I have no idea who
attended as the first practical demo was digital drinking. Being digital
but with an undefined bit-ter depth it was assumed we should start with a
bit-ter depth of one. Therefore ALL the beer was drunk instantly to convert
the one state to zero so as to avoiding any unfortunate aliasing. This did
indeed prove that digital compression of drinking time works well, but does
produce some undesirable artefarts. 

The 3D issue became very prominent in BRRE circles. Indeed after several
experimental pints to check the validity of 3D, we noticed that we had
produced 6D. This provided both image depth and a spare set of images at
the same time. This did confuse the BRRE measurements until we realised
that we could get twice as many bubble rise measurements for half the
amount of beer. We therefore very quickly abandoned this form of

We attempted Apple Monitor testing, obviously using gallons of Ciders for
BRRE. The colormetric consistency of the displays varied or should I say
deteriorated as a cube law of the amount of Cider consumed. However we had
to abandon the tests early after pleas from the main BRE society that
quality of tests could only be maintained with real beer or lager.  

The Drinking Preference eXtrapolation (DPX) debate continues. BRRE's have
been performed in both log and linear space. Linear space definitely allows
for a greater choice of Experiment Excess Collapse (EEC). It is expected
that at IBC the EEC state will become prolific. EEC in Log space is rather
uncomfortable as the space diminishes the more one collapses. It is
therefore proposed that all future BRRE is performed linearly.   We have
yet to establish the DPX order however the standard we believe should not
be Endian at all. To be such would imply that BRRE will one day cease! 

Recent observations during BRRE of the top beer surface have discovered a
Lenticular Film that when supped under certain conditions, contains many
different flavours. It was originally thought that the film was
mono-flavored but some drinkers have noticed many flavours if the beer is
consumed at a shallow angle or in conjunction with special Lenticular
filters, such as Curries, French Fries or most Mexican dishes.  Of course
each modern beer is now designed to have different flavours solely
dependent on how badly it is kept by Pub landlords! 

The Hall of Shame not only applies to the above mentioned landlords but is
also open to those who drink their beer without contemplating when their
next colorist session begins. Most colorists understand that the degree of
beer consumed shifts the color perception. Now the change is unique to each
individual, therefore once a colorist has established his BRRE quantity
limit, it is imperative that the level is maintained at all times. Without
naming names those with high consumption levels may be forgiven for not
maintaining peak values as to do so would quickly denude their countries of
beer supplies; you know who you are!  

IBC Focus Sheet. Come on, you must be kidding. The word focus associated
with BRRE is an oxymoron. Now if it was the IBC pub/bar/tavern/drinking
hall directions sheet, then those that can still see in 1D or 2D could well
use it. I would volunteer Dick Hobbs to provide this information forthwith!

Metamerism. What!  Colors are not what they seem! Well I guess it must be
BRRE that makes us metamerismic. And I thought Guinness really was darker
than Lager. 

All in all BRRE continue to absorb interest in more ways than one!
I hope to join others at IBC, the (International Boozing Contest), no doubt
reports will follow, especially if loose pants are worn.


Peter Swinson  

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