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Sean McKee sean
Thu Sep 29 01:51:47 BST 2005

HI Tyler,

Thanks for the confirmation regarding my assertion that Final Touch did not
render single quicktimes. By the way, I don't know you or your
qualifications (which seems to be required to have an opinion), but you know
what - I'll take your word for it! Nice to meet you.

Anyway, I kept thinking "did we miss a button?" but it's good to know that I
did not spread misinformation about the product. I agree with your reasoning
for desiring the current behavior of FT. I just think it would be nice to
have both options, as space is always an issue, as well as compatibility
with as many platforms as possible. Unfortunately, with Discreet systems on
SGI (unsure about Linux, anybody?), the development of quicktime stopped a
long time ago, so it does not support these wrapper quicktimes, or any of
the newer codecs. So you have to go single file uncompressed all the way.
Actually you can import multiple files, but what a file management pain...

Again, thanks for piping in and giving an un-confrontational fact about the

Sean McKee
Screen Time Images

On 9/28/05 11:52 AM, "Tyler A. Hawes" <tyler at hollywooddi.com> wrote:

> Thanks to Bob Sliga and Cutters Inc. for supporting the TIG.
> --
> FinalTouch won't render the entire project timeline to a single integral
> QuickTime file; Final Gather is still the way to emulate that. You of course
> can transcode from the QuickTime pointer movie to a single contiguous file,
> but that is costly in time and disk space.
> While I'd also like the option to render to a single file, I'd rather have
> the current behavior if I had to choose one. Simple reason is if there's
> ever a problem with rendering such as a lock-up or file corruption, it only
> effects a single clip rather than the whole timeline. Thus I can simply
> re-render that one clip and be good to go, as opposed to re-rendering the
> entire project.
> I hope that all interested persons continue to post their questions,
> opinions and experiences on FinalTouch and all other products. I personally
> don't have time or desire to preface all my posts by stating my
> qualifications, so I don't expect others to either. Regardless of their
> qualifications, I am interested in what they have to say and think there is
> almost always something of value in it. We can all individually decide what
> weight to put in different comments, and there will always be veterans like
> Bob who can jump in and correct factually wrong information for the rest of
> us.
> Tyler Hawes
> Hollywood-DI
> On 9/27/05 9:11 PM, "tig-request at tig.colorist.org"
>> So...if Final Touch has the ability to render one large, standalone
>> quicktime, that's news to me. ...... I mean a single terabyte file of my
>> movie, not a file that points to hundreds of smaller quicktimes.
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