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Egil Ljøstad egil.ljostad
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Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Apart from Jack here I have been using FTHD since march 2005 and have nothing but positive things to say about the state that Final Touch is in now. Sure your able to do kilovector kind of things and pretty much the same operations you would do on a Da Vinci. In fact we have two Da Vinci DUI systems doing SD material, but the clients would rather work on FTHD because you can ad effects to the grading at the same time and see the effect right away. The renderingtime is not too bad. For a HD production 1080 x 1920 25P its about three hours with a fair amount of effects added to the image. FT has also released a Final Render Client that will render while grading so the rendertime in the end of the job will not be much. We are installing another FTHD suite now with a Final render client and a XSAN system. Another thing is that in a workflow with editingsuites like Avid and FCP it integrates nicely into the worflow. Automatic Duck interprets the OMF2 from Avid to FCP project information. Then its just to online it in FCP and export as XML to FTHD and Export it back to FCP and make a master. Easy as pie. Sure there have been a number of bugs but most of them have been fixed and the feedback from the Silicon Color staff has been nothing but great.  For us working in a TV-station its a better solution than any of the other grading tools. We can stick to one format through the whole post process and avoid most conversionproblems that can be harmful for the flexibility and elastisity of the signal.
We can build 10 FTHD suites for one similar Da Vinci suite and that is what matters for us at the moment. Nothing wrong with Da Vinci. I?ve been working with a Da Vinci for thirteen years and its really nice,  but its expensive. Another thing to bare in mind is the maintainance of the system. Mac support is cheaper than many of the more propritaire systems and more flexible to add processing, like Shake and AfterEffects, to one system for making a Final Touch on your product. With the new plugins from Natress integrated into FTHD its becomming really powerfull.
If you are going to NAB you should have a chat with Andrew Bryant, Silicon Color. He?s a skilled surfer, as well.
I?m not saying this for any comercial reasons, but out of personal experience with this system.

Egil Ljostad, Colorist
NRK, Norwegian Broadcast Corp.
Oslo, Norway

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Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
That's funny, I had a conversation with someone about this earlier today.
I've no personal experience, but from what I gather (this was from two other
colorists) it's very slow and not particularly intuitive. The proxies are
mandatory if you want to mess around with vignettes etc, and "they look like
mpeg-1" is what I was told. Your client will definitely get bored.
My personal view on silicon color products is that they seem to be aimed
squarely at students/universities/whatever rather than production-level

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Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG


We are a post-production company mainly working for television.

A director would like to edit and grade his movie (shoot in HDCAM) in our

For that, we will need to add Silicon Color's FinalTouch HD to our Mac with
Final Cut HD and Xserve.

Is it any good? Apart from the fact we can't do 2K or 4K (yet), how far is
it from a very expensive color grading equipment like Da Vinci? (Apart the
fact that it is not real time)

Is there any specific limitation?

Does it require a lot of rendering time? Will the client be bored waiting
for his footage to render?

I try to find a comparative study on the net but couldn't find it.

Thanks for answering my newbie questions,


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