[Tig] Film projects at HD resolution

Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen
Thu Apr 6 20:08:41 BST 2006

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On Wed, 5 Apr 2006, Tyler A. Hawes wrote:
> Also, regarding Genesis (without hijacking this into a Genesis thread) you
> should try to get more info on exactly how they are counting those 12.4
> megapixels. It's not exactly apples vs apples as to how most manufacturers
> will quote specs. In any case, you only record 1920x1080 from it, so it does
> belong in the "HD" category, albeit with the great depth of field of 35mm.

The folks at Panavision inform me that you are correct.  The Genesis 
camera's CCD is over sampled vertically and the camera is not capable 
of outputting more than 1920x1080.  The camera's design focus was on 
dynamic range and sensitivity rather than resolution.  So for the 
second time today I must retract an erroneous statement on my part.

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