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Patrick patrick
Mon Apr 10 15:26:23 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
I would like to see how this is more efficient.
There are a few constraints as well as extra costs in this model.
Even at highly compressed rates, the file size of standard definition video,
when delivered in volumes comparative to cable television, will choke the
current infrastructure of the internet. At about a half gigabyte per hour of
program, central server delivery models will fall over at a fraction of the
viewership required to support even the most optimistic subscription or ad
supported systems, much less actual production. 
Central server delivery also does not scale- each additional viewer costs as
much to deliver to and complete the transaction as the first. 
Add to this the costs of incremental billing required of a la carte service.
While the phone companies are better set up for this, it is still an actual
cost of doing business.
Consider also the plans to create tiered pricing in internet traffic. Where
will video be placed on the hierarchy, and therefore priced, given its huge
volumes per customer and package?
It is a great big beautiful tomorrow, but how we get there requires a lot
more infrastructure and huge scaling innovations for video over internet to
reach any significant penetration into the current cable-satellite-
broadcast distribution pie.

Patrick Gregston
The Picture Works
patrick at pictureworks.net

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Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
>>From the Economist: "PCCW of Hong Kong has launched a television 
over broadband phone lines that has been a huge commercial success.  It
could soon dethrone the the local cable tv provider as the dominant content
provider in Hong Kong."

  The best part is that content is offered a la carte.  Pay per content unit

consumed, not the whole       sorry lot.  In addition, the provider gets 
detailed viewing statistics.  Instant ratings.

I think this is a more efficient delivery service.  It very well could be
good for the current video based post industry as those efficiencies are

Dave Pickett

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