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Dick Hobbs dick
Mon Apr 10 17:35:11 BST 2006

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So if channels will continue as they have before, with an online TV  
guide and schedules, why not stick with what we have now that works  
really rather well? What are newcomers to the market - mainly telcos  
- going to bring to the party?

I am sure that there are people who will enjoy yet another means of  
bunking off work by watching Desperate Housewives on their computers.  
But I cannot see the mass of ordinary people who make up real  
audiences being interested. The great thing about good old-fashioned  
proper television - the big screen in the corner of the living room -  
is that you can stretch out on the couch with a glass of wine near to  
hand and a cat to stroke, and be entertained.

So is telco tv the answer to the question no-one asked, or am I  
missing something here?



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