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Juergen Kantenwein jkw
Mon Apr 10 08:49:31 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
I am happy to share this with the TIG
The projection was at IFA in Berlin , in a separate section of the booth.
The screen was about 10 Meters wide and 4:3
There where 3 mayor interest Groups, CAD, Simulation and Motion Picture
The projection was feed by a server system and the links where multiple DVI
The Content was all 4K -native- high resolution renders CAD data( car
detail) and I could make out no shading or banding !
The Motion Pictures where as I recall all Japan originated Images 
Captured by a Hitachi 4 k Camera. The movement in the Picture had no 
Shutter or other visible effects, it was clean and no time lack or offset?s.

The experts in Simulation examined the pixel reproduction with respect to 
Colour offset/ convergence and where fairly happy.

The presentation was Viewing only, no possibility to measure anything !

I have been working with the D-ILA 2K for quit some time and could compare
With others, but no direct 4k comparison
I have seen the Sony 4K several times - It looks very promising but to me
the "quad split" situation still has lots of Difficulties!
I am mainly looking into Postproduction use and must say that DLP-
technology is compared to LCos like D-ILA or SXRD reproducing a 
"nervous" Image- when grading in still, the image shows this pixels flicker
that makes skin and other sensitive areas appear constantly moving.
With close viewing distance and concentrating a lot on stills, for me this
is still a mayor drawback of DLP.

Juergen Kantenwein
Systems- integrator

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Juergen Kantenwein wrote:
> I have seen the 4K D-ILA in Berlin -WOW!
Can you tell us a little more? How does it compare to the Sony, Barco2k 
and Christie2k? Good things, bad things.

Bj?rn H Brudeli
The Chimney Pot

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