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Dave Pickett pickettscharge
Mon Apr 10 22:35:19 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Keep in mind that Hong Kong's Broadband TV provider PCCW is not only 
profitable but popular with consumers.   It could soon be the dominant 
television provider in Hong Kong.   Not what if but is.  Money made selling 
television another way.  The overall viewing of television should increase 
as the cost of viewing decreases.  And that is a good thing for us.

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>Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
>Dish Network is taking a slightly different approach to VOD:  They have set
>aside a small amount of the disk space on their DVR (I have the HD VIP622)
>to which they spool movies in the background using "excess bandwidth" 
>term, not mine). They usually keep about 100 movies in queue.  The quality
>is about typical of that for one of their SD movie channels and they are
>using MPEG 4.  They do not offer, at least at the moment, any HD VOD
> > The client must have a DVR supplied by the cableco. VOD is
> > only available on certain channels (mostly movie channels).
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