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Dominic Case cased
Tue Apr 11 04:41:58 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
>could it be possible there is a difference in 
>latency/lag for different prints or projectors?

I was particularly aware of the strobing as I was near the front of the
cinema - bi-i-ig pictures! 

They used the effect, apparently, to give a more disjointed, urgent,
frenetic feel to the scenes. Perhaps it worked well enough for you to be
unaware of the technique!  I don't think the projector could make much
difference: there is still aq certain amount of unrecorded movement between
one frame and the next, locked in by the camera shutter.

>At what point was reversal used?

In the "flash-forward" scenes where they interrogate the hostages. 

> >then stayed in the film domain thereafter
> correct:

On re-checking, no, not correct: despite the photochemical and camera
tricks, it went through a DI process at Efilm. According to American
Cinematographer, the cross-processed bleach-bypassed material had to be
scanned on the Spirit, as it was too dense for the Northlight scanner. 

Dominic Case
Atlab Australia

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