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Rob Lingelbach rob
Tue Apr 11 05:08:41 BST 2006

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On Tue, 11 Apr 2006 13:41:58 +1000, Dominic Case wrote
> >could it be possible there is a difference in 
> >latency/lag for different prints or projectors?
> I was particularly aware of the strobing as I was 
> near the front of the cinema - bi-i-ig pictures!

Just to clarify something for me: remember I saw a subtitled 
version.  You?re just the person to know, is there any 
possibility that in the subtitling process strobing would 
have been reduced, even subtly?

There was an artifact in the subtitling I noted: the 
lettering "bloomed" over brighter sections of frames, 
dynamically (bloomed and unbloomed, so that the text became a 
bit fuzzy, in direct relation to the transient background 
luminance).  I don?t recall seeing this artifact in the past, 
so it makes me wonder what process was used for the 
subtitling.  After I noticed it I was able to tune it out and 
enjoy the dazzling images (it?s quite something to see high-
quality cinema after watching nothing but various resolutions 
of video for a few months).

(disclaimer: I don?t work for Efilm nor any of the entities 
involved in this film :) )

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