[Tig] Ursa CRT / EHT Not coming on

Adrian Costoya acostoya
Sun Apr 16 17:08:26 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
At 17:01 14-04-06, Steven Bradford wrote:
>A couple of weeks ago, the scan on the tube became "segmented" that is
>it had missing blank sections, sometimes only a few, sometimes many. We
>sent the Scan Output board to Cintel in Valencia CA for repair, but now
>after installing it we get nothing on the CRT at all, and the EHT light
>button doesn't come on after flashing for ten seconds anymore. It just
>flashes continuously. 

Hi Steven,

We've had an EHT not coming on problem. It turned out to be a faulty DM131 box.

If the diagnose confirms that box as a cause, it could be easily bypassed. However, the DM131 provides an added protection switching off CRT in case 200 volt supply fails.

Without DM131 fitted any damage that may potentially occur will void any CRT warrant, so having just replaced the Scan Output board I wouldn't go for a bypass without advise from Cintel.

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