[Tig] Colourist for a Short Wanted in London

marina showay marinabambina
Sun Apr 16 20:56:34 BST 2006

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Dear list,

i am looking for a colourist in London who can grade a short film i 
shot recently.
it's around 10 minutes, shot on DV, a comedy about a girl who acquires 
a magic 8 ball.
the edit has been done, and just waiting for the grade.
the private screening has been booked at Curzon Soho on 16 May,
and then it will be entered into festivals.
so i am hoping to have it done before then.
unfortunately we have no more budget than to cover the expenses and a 
small fees.
if you are either looking for a practice, or feeling extremely generous,
or you know someone who might be interested, please drop me a line.

many thanks


marina showay
e: marinabambina at the-quickest.com
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