[Tig] Nitmeter of choice for Lumina's ???

Bob Friesenhahn bfriesen
Sun Apr 16 23:38:52 BST 2006

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On Sun, 16 Apr 2006, Dick Hobbs wrote:
> Maybe I am too naive to really play devil's advocate.
> But it seems that the SD/HD CRT specification has never been achievable by 
> practical products. Today's technology cannot get anywhere near delivery of 
> the DCI specification.
> When does a set of technical requirements cease to be a statement of noble 
> intent and when does it become a fruitless wish list?

Your "fruitless wish list" actually represents future opportunity. 
It avoids the current problem represented by "fixed" standards like 
Rec.709 in which the display device has very specific and limited 
range so it is not feasable to usefully extend gamut or dynamic range 
in the future.  The DCI approach provides opportunity for continued 
improvement without need to replace the installed base.  Note that to 
introduce Rec.709, we needed to introduce HDTV and new TVs since NTSC 
uses Rec.601 with more limited color range.

The SD/HD CRT specification was perhaps not achievable by practical 
professional CRT products but could perhaps be achieved by consumer 
CRT products, and can certainly be achieved by technologies like DLP 
where increased brightness is a simple matter of using a brighter 
light source.


P.S. I believe that my DLP TV is rated for something like 500 cd/m^2 
which is equivalent to 145 foot-lamberts.  That provides only 110 foot 
lamberts to spare.  But some smaller DLP TVs are rated for 800 cd/m^2 
which is equivalent to 233 foot-lamberts!  35 foot-lamberts is 
equivalent to only 120 cd/m^2.

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