FW: [Tig] Nitmeter of choice for Lumina's ???

Dan Desmet dan
Mon Apr 17 02:16:43 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG


I respectfully disagree with people's remarks about "having the only color
analyzer that can handle LCD monitors".

There may be additional ones out there that I don't know, but in my opinion
DK (Denmark), Thoma (Germany),Minolta (Japan)and Klein Instruments' K-10
model (USA) are all capable of measuring LCD monitors accurately.  I am not
including Photo Research's equipment in this list because there is such a
huge price difference, but the purists will of course justifiably tell us
that their unit is the most precise measuring device.

I am affiliated with TV Logic (HD LCD monitors from Korea) and TV Logic has
integrated both the Minolta and the Klein Instruments K-10 to automatically
align and match their LCD monitors, but I am not affiliated with any of
these color analyzer companies directly.  The only reasons the DK probe and
the Thoma have not been integrated yet with our monitors are commercial and
support ones.

And all four of these units can also be used as stand-alone measuring
devices for LCD monitors.  Some of them use different probes to measure
CRTs, LCDs and projected or reflected light; others have one probe that does
it all.

More information on these four brands can be found on their respective


Dan Desmet

Desmet & Associates
TV Logic Master Distributor
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Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
Here's a question for the forum that has me stumped....

With the preponderance of flatscreen's making their way into video use these
days...  (And we all know they are only going to become more

And, With the Phillips/PTV 5639 manual indicating that the unit is only good
for CRT's.....

Has anyone been able to develop a setting for the 5639 that will work for
the Lumina's or find a different unit -- so that it could be used on Sony
Lumina's, or other flat panels?

And, speaking of Lumina's...  Should the target white grey and black screen
remain 6500D K or 5600D K, as someone told me?   

These are in edit rooms, not transfer suites -- Thank goodness!!! :) 


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