[Tig] digital camera tests

Tom Tcimpidis tgt
Sat Apr 29 20:14:17 BST 2006

Thanks to oktobor for supporting the TIG
The camera test was not a camera test per se and I think some thought it was
the real deal.  Nope.  If anyone thinks it was, or if you actually come to
any conclusions when the frame grabs are posted... then you are a goober.
Plain and simple.  I'm sure this will fall on some deaf ears, but the big
cameras are "bigger" then the little cameras in the real world, so I hope
the frame grabs do not get misinterpreted. 

Talking with those involved in the many products in a non-hurried and
informal setting was also enjoyable and valuable. Plus, it was an
opportunity to see many colleagues that I have not had the pleasure of
seeing in some time - a couple of decades in one case.


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