[Tig] (was Oxberry) scanners

Micheletti, Bob (NBC Universal) bob.micheletti at nbcuni.com
Fri Dec 1 01:32:28 GMT 2006

> Just had a converstation with a post super about this 
> yesterday as we were 
> evaluating some vfx shots that told us that our scans were 
> "too hot" and 
> unusable.  at least where i came from (started in vfx imaging in 95), 
> scanning always meant not making any sort of subjective 
> evaluations of the 
> negative at all.  
> best,
> -doug delaney

You would not do that with a photochemical intermediate why would you 
do it with a digital intermediate?  More range in the digital than film?

Like I said if you are scanning as a service for other companies don't do it.
But if you have full control from scan to filmout I feel it makes a better 

Bob Micheletti
Universal Pictures

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